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MonicaonTheMove offers tailored face-to-face and online tutoring (NYC) for children and adults. She specializes in connecting with students and making learning fun.


"Monica is different from other tutors that we have had in last more than 10 months. She understands the area of weakness of the learner, plans the sessions in an intelligent and delivers in a systematic way. We are very happy with her teaching methodologies and her commitment to achieve the result that we had set at the beginning."
"I was fortunate to hire Monica in 2013 and have been able to observe her working with students on a regular basis in her classroom. Highly organized and structured, Monica develops language-rich lessons and incorporates a wide variety of strategies in her daily instruction."
"It has been my pleasure to have worked with Monica for the past 4 years. She is by far the most knowledgable and comprehensive teacher that I have worked with in my 21 years of teaching at this school. The wealth and depth of knowledge students receive from her instruction is evident in their daily classroom work."

Why choose Monica?

Education and Training

Monica holds a clear and valid K-12 certificate issued by the State of California and is currently pursuing New York certification. Monica has multiple degrees, including a Masters in Education from universities all ranked in the World's top 10 (Stanford, Imperial College).


Monica has taught in private, public and charter schools, in her own classroom, and as a specialist. She has worked with small groups and 1:1. She has taught in schools in disadvantaged as well as affluent areas. She has lived, worked, and studied in three continents, and understands diverse needs of students of all ages.


Monica believes strongly in creating positive relationships. She will always give you feedback during and after the lesson. Also, if you don't feel confident or despair on how to talk to your child, she will step in and make it easier.


Monica adheres strongly to a Growth Mindset philosophy, meaning that EVERY student has the potential to achieve great things. She uses only positive strategies, choice language, and specific feedback, to motivate students and take them to the next level.

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